Royal Somerset Lodge No 973

Royal Somerset Lodge No 973 North Parade Frome Someret BA11

The Royal Somerset Lodge is a Freemasons Lodge which meets near the centre of Frome on the second Thursday during the months of April, May, June, October, December, January and February. Our meetings take place from around 6pm but these times can vary, depending on the order of business and the complexity of the ceremony involved.

What is a Lodge? Freemason Lodges are the basic organisation in Freemasonry. They are collectively governed by Grand Lodges and or Provincial Grand Lodges for the area in which they reside. In our case we are governed by Somerset Provincial Grand Lodge under the jurisdiction of the United Grand Lodge of England. A Lodge Room is the room where the lodge(s) hold their lodge meetings, housed within a Masonic Temple - symbolically echoing King Solomon’s Temple. The ‘Lodge’ is where Freemasons practice their Freemasonry, learning moral and ethical values through allegory and symbolic plays, called ritual – defined as a set of actions performed mainly for their symbolic value. (More information can be found on our What is a Freemason and What is Freemasonry pages.)

Our members are drawn from Somerset, Bristol, Wiltshire-so joining or visiting our lodge must be worthwhile! You won’t find a happier place to join the Freemasons.